For Hindu people

Define God in your terms? and keep it in your mind while you read the rest.

Is religion God?

Search for Truth… There is truth & truth gives us freedom.

What is your name? Does people call you different names than what is yours. Do they call you in different names at different place and different times? Then why are your God’s name different in different period/areas/ etc.

Do you believe in Devil? What are their works? Is all miracles happening all through God alone?
Who is God & Devil in your religion?
There is truth beyond what you know and think.

Is there a Spirit? Do you know what happens to your Spirit after you die? Is it just air and goes off? Does your spirit has another life? And if the next birth is dog then does the spirit live in dog?

How are you sins cleared? How are your past sins cleared? Can a dog clear off his/her sins while they are as dog or will need to carry over to next life and get them cleared.
Does vazhipadu in temple help?

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